Our Story



Man and Cat Candle Company is a one man, one cat operation. Starting in 2020 I began exclusively working from home, like a lot of people did. Since that time I found candles were a nice way to spice up my day, and make sure my office smelled nice. 

I found that many candles are not really catered towards men. Sure there's some sandalwoods, tobacco etc. but I really felt like fun smells a guy would like are hard to come by.

So, I decided to start making candles myself. First by experimenting, and then by really trying to be consistent. Now I want to share the cool scents I create with all of you through my store. I will keep trying new combinations of scents to make exciting, fun, out of the ordinary candles. My candles aren't just for men - but I do hope that there are some scents that might cater to the guys just like me - sitting at home in their office looking for something fresh.

So where does the cat come in? Well Boo Boo is my best furry bud, and she helps with every step of the process. From supervising the pours, to giving each candle a sniff test. She makes sure I am on top of business, because wet food and cat trees aren't free.


But that's not all! Boo Boo and I know we are both very lucky to have found each other, but there are many cats out there that have not found their forever home yet. That is why 10% of all the proceeds of Man and Cat Candle Company go to the Community Cat Connection in Webster, MA. The Community Cat Connection is where Boo Boo lived before coming home to Dan, and they are wonderful people. They help cat's like Boo Boo find homes and love, and we love giving back in any way we can. Please consider checking them out if you are looking for a little furry friend as well. 




Dan and Boo Boo